You'll be happy to know

I have a long list. It's things that I don't like, but have not actually tried. From time to time I have to cross things off. The first thing I crossed off, as a youth was Goulash. It just looked.so.disgusting.

More recently, Carrot Cake has been taken off. I mean..Carrots. and cake. It's counter intuitive right? Then came the dill pickle rolled up in cream cheese smeared ham. I only tried that one because there was at least meat in it. The risk reward ratio is almost always good with meat involved.

A couple days ago, DearWife made gnocchi. Potato pasta. I think I tried to avoid it just because the name sounded disgusting. But I tried it and it didn't completely suck.

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Kel said...

gnocchi is probably my all time favorite comfort food!

however, you are on your own with the old goulashes