I ran to the train, hitting every light. I boarded just in time to get my double wide seat. Making it to my train on time was so far the highlight of my day. I would get some time with the boys, and DearWife would make bodypump. All is well in the world.

DW and I trade keys as I walk in and she walks out. The boys refuse to come upstairs with me while I do my Mr. Rogers imitation (changing from work clothes). As I'm ready to go back down, BigBrother appears and decides he wants to get under the covers. He really wants under the covers. Then LittleBrother appears and wants the same. But LittleBrother wants something else. He's telling me 'MUNG' at AC\DC levels. Oh, he wants UNDER the covers. And as soon as he's under, it's irritating BB. As soon as they're both comfortable, LB wants out. Then back in. Then back out.

Finally, we got downstairs and I let the dogs out. The kids played in the family room while I downed some great pasta salad. Email DW for the recipe - really. I let the dogs in when I realize the little dog, Kirby, has stuck himself around the chair. I let Shelby in and shut the door almost all the way. I was just stepping out for two seconds. Except I realized that Kirby had run himself around the chair thirty times.

While I unwrap the chain, I see a smiling face in the doorway. It's BB: "I want to come outside."

"Do not come outside. Go back in, I'll be right there. "

My stern warnings went unheeded. BigBrother was out in his socks running around the yard. Taking DearWife's approach, I went inside and waited for him to come back. I tried to hide just out of sight so I could grab him when he got close.

But he would come only so close and then say "What are you doing there?" And then he'd run back to the corner of the yard. The whole while LittleBrother is pounding on the patio door yelling "MAH MAH MAH." This went on for 5 minutes. Finally I gave him the 3 count under the pressure of being sent to his room. No luck. I decided to run after him.

He was already running away as I opened the door. He made a break for our neighbor's yard. By the time I caught him, our socks were soaked due to the fact that it had been raining all day. I made him go to his room for 5 minutes (or by alternative measurement scale, 17 'Daddy, can I come down's'). When he came down I gave him my stern Father tone of voice. He responded in his sweet three year old voice.

"You never run away from Daddy. You could get lost."
"Are you joking?"
"No, you don't run away from Daddy."
"Are you being really silly?"
"No, I'm not. When I ask you to come, you come."
"Are you just being silly?"

I couldn't help but grin.


Kel said...

So, I was puzzled by the triple post night until I read "bodypump night"

I was explaining to another mother just the other day how I have observed how the mothers of girls look fabulous when they are little - and the moms of boys look exhausted and haggared chasing after the toddlers - and then the tables turn, I am no longer monitoring Barbie - they want to "talk" ALL the time - and the mothers of school age boys look fabulous and rested

again, I was suppose to have boys

Dear Wife said...

Yes, BigBrother is definitely starting to test boundries. He escaped earlier in the day when I was letting the dogs out, and twice over the weekend. It is so hard to find that line between warning your 3-year-old of dangers and scaring him.

I have talked a bit about stranger danger, but in his little BB obsessive way, he now repeats "If a stranger tries to get me, I'll yell and kick and scream." Let's hope he does exactly that, but why would a 3 year old need to know that? Now that he won't stay in the cart when we are shopping, and because he is so social, I thought it was important. Umm, parenting is hard!

Kel said...

duct tape and bungee cords?

if you're really good you'll get him to tie himself up ;)

Bernstein Bears has a good children's book about Stranger Danger - not too much, but serious

Muskyboy said...

Way to stay in control KK.

Muskyboy said...

DW, get used to it because the testing is going to go on for at least another 10-15 years.