I've ruled out pure coincidence

Went fishing yesterday with Muskyboy. We got out at the sensible time of 7am (much later than the previously recommended 4:30am). DearWife was on the same page as I was - make sure the RedHead disaster is not repeated. I brought sunscreen. Before getting on the boat, I lathered it on my forehead and the tops of my ears.

It was a little chilly, but very sunny. We had a great time, although I personally did not see any fish. However, I accomplished my goals. My goals were: don't ruin any of the rods, reels, and lures; and enjoy myself. So even though the fish remained but a mystery, we had a great time.

Musky and his buddy drug me in after only about 4 hours of fishing. Could have stayed out there all day. Hopefully I can go back out later this year and actually see a fish.

However, as soon as I got home, I realized that I am a complete idiot. The sunscreen I put on worked out really well. The problem was that the sunscreen I didn't put on was of no help. I have a bright white stripe down the middle of my face flanked by two deep crimson panels that wrap around the back of my head to my neck. And then there's the back of my knees.

Hey, at least I am in Easter colors....


Muskyboy said...

Hahahahahah, well at least you put on some sunscreen. I have sunburned my hands, ears and nose for the second straight weekend.

Kel said...

I told you guys - the spray on sunscreen stuff not only covers those hard to reach places . . . it sprays evenly so no stripes!

Woodchuck said...

The only sunburn you will get around here right now is called "Rust". flippin rain will not go away. Water is to muddy right now for any good fishing.