One thing I forgot

Our kids don't really watch much TV. Well, all parents say that. But the boys watch maybe 10-20m a week. On Saturday, when the parents were settling down to eat and drink, we sat the kids in front of "Ice Age." Right before we were all set to take our first bites, we hear a noise louder than the TV was capable of producing.

It was a screech coming from the living room area. No one was frightened, because it was clear it was the type of screech only pure joy could produce. It was LittleBrother just being excited about the movie.

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Kel said...

10-20 minutes? per week?

I know we can go 2 weeks without turning the devil box on . . . but 20 minutes is impressive!

I think on weeks that we do watch TV it comes to 3-4 hours (kids) and maybe 2 hrs (adults), generally in 1 hr increments.