On Saturday, DearWife got us all packed up (water, food, fail-over pants for BigBrother). We took a stroll to the forest preseve near our house. We soon realized that it was our town's earth day observance. The powers the be decide to celebrate the day set aside to preserve the earth by having everyone in town ramble through the forest preseve.

By the time we got to the trail, it was the back end of the bunch. I took a glance at the people and saw a little scene that plays out often these days. There was a dad, walking with his 7-8yr old daughter. She was looking up at him (literally, and I suppose metaphorically), asking him a question. His hand was extended palm towards the girl while his other was attached to a cell phone against his ear.

We had a great time walking through the forest preserve. We saw several squirrels and about 8 deer, which the kids thought were pretty cool. DearWife got a little girly when the boys wanted to throw rocks into the pond and there were 'bugs' around.

The real drama was as we were nearing the end of the trail. DearWife had to go to body pump, and there was a little drama surrounding her exit. She tried once to get away, but the kids sucked her back in. I suggested that she either run and keep going, or just give it up.

She made a break for it, which BigBrother didn't appreciate. There was a lot of wailing and moaning. "I want mommy, I didn't get a goodbye hug or kiss" (he did). So I let him cry for a few minutes, then talked him off his ledge. Other than a few "I want Mommy's" he was fine.

That night, we went to the neighbor's and made home-made pasta. It was good. The company was great. There were 4 couples each with multiple kids. I think the rule is once you get past 2 families, the energy output of the kids goes up exponentially. Anyway, good time all around. Except the kids didn't go to bed until 10 (3 hrs past their bedtime).

I prepared myself for a crabby day. Expect the worst....and the kids were great all day. It was a little unbelievable.

Now I just have to get ready for Vegas by packing up, and doing a little light reading, and I'll be set.


Muskyboy said...

Haven't you read that already? You need HoH II. I got it, you can come get it.

Kel said...

I think you and the boys should create a ritual for mommy's bobypump nights - like having the boys get her gym bag set out or a certain activity that they do for her to help her get out the door without the drama - set a buzzer and get her when it goes off . . . have the boys pick a stuffed animal mom kisses goodnight for them to take to bed, and save the animal for body pump nights -

of course they could do something cute for you leaving town too I suppose ;)

Khyle said...

Kel, I think that's a great idea. Thanks.

Dear Wife said...

The drama on Body Pump nights is directly related to how tired the boys are. Most nights they are fine about it, but that doesn't make for dramatic blogging. However, Saturday's drama was fueled by tiredness coupled with the sight of Mommy literally running away from the family. The worst part was they could see me running for at least a half a mile. Big Brother scolded me later and said I should never run away from him again.

Kel said...

DearWife: It would probably help if Khyle wasn't standing there with the boys crying "I want mommy" too.

It's all about the blog fodder and the blogger's interpretation ;)

Dear Wife said...


It is very surreal to "see" yourself through another's eyes (or words as the case may be). But I really enjoy reading K's perspective on our everyday life. It gives me insight from another angle. And, it is nice to get some feedback from parents who have been through our stage already.

Kel said...

DearWife: I'm just jealous 1) you actually manage to get to bobypump at that stage! and 2) the boys still miss you at that stage!

I am just starting my workouts - and they push me out of the house every chance they get!