Duality of Youth

BigBrother is a pretty amazing child. He's more attuned to people's wants and needs than I am most of the time. But that doesn't stop him from being a kid.

The other day, DearWife was taking Big&Little across the street to play with some kids. On the way out, they saw our next door neighbors, and stopped by to chat. BB got a little antsy, and went to his mom and whispered "Mommy, can we go play across the street?" He knew - somehow - that it would have been rude to just blurt it out.

Not a huge deal or anything. But one of those subtle little things that show how fast he's growing up.

Later, they were at the park with a bunch of kids. So DW gave the "if you have to potty, the bathroom is right there, we will come right back out" speech. Half an hour later, there is BB off to the side relieving himself.

Last night, MIL came over to help put the kids down (I was recovering from a stomach virus of some kind). After the kids brushed their teeth, LittleBrother came out to the top of the stairs and yelled "DA-DDY" at the top of his lungs over and over. It was pretty damn cute.

I'm still against having a third at this point. There are a ton of reasons not to do it. But it's also hard to not want a 3rd when our kids are so great, too.


MIL said...

Before I read your entry, I was watching LB, BB and their CT playing together ever so sweetly. LB was adorable trying to act like the older two. I said to your DW "Sure makes you want to have more of these". She strongly agreed.

Kel said...

you do know that you don't get a vote on this . . . right?!

MIL said...
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MIL said...

P.S. On the other hand, maybe I should have a vote. After all, I'm the #1 babysitter!!!!

Dear Wife said...

Oops, sorry mom - Lookit the power I have when K leaves his blogger ID open and goes into the garage to get ready for poker! Don't tell him!

Power, mwhahahahaha!

Kel said...

you do know I meant KHYLE, YOU don't get a vote on this!