Long time comin

A couple days ago, I found myself looking at an ultrasound. There was a little peanut of white in the middle of a uterus. Or, it could have been something out of Alien. I'm not really sure. Women love looking at them. "There's it's little feet." I don't really get it.

When I saw LittleBrother's first ultrasound, it meant something. It was one perfect ultrasound after many bad ones. It represented 8 years of trying and waiting and trying again. That ultrasound had meaning for me. I'm happy for my sister-in-law and brother-in-law, but really, I'll wait for the actual kid to ooh and aah.

My parents came up yesterday. The boys and I had planned on ambushing my dad with water guns (er - water squirters as DW would say). I ran to do some errands with the boys and get water guns, and got home just in time to hear the message going off. I listened to the message and heard my Dad saying "We are about 10 minutes out." I threw some stuff into the kitchen, tried to get the water guns out of their packages, all while trying to corral two kids. With moments to spare, I loaded up the water guns.

We hid behind the car and waited. After 15 more minutes, we turned on the sprinkler. BigBrother dropped his gun under the sprinkler. As he worked up his nerve to get it, LittleBrother threw his at BigBrother's head. Finally, my parents drove up after having been lost. The kids had a great time squirting Nana and Papa.

Today we ventured out to see the kids' first movie: "Cars." At times the kids were both scared - mainly due to the rock concert volume. And they spent 30 minutes running up and down the aisles. But it was overall a good time, particularly since they haven't watched more than 20m of TV at a time ever.

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Kel said...

when I started reading I thought you had followed through on that #3 idea!

glad to see you are back -

sounds like a fun weekend -

and LOL about the movie - we just broke out the BBC Narnia DVD set we purchased a bit ago (9 hours) and told the girls they get 1 hour per night WHILE they finish reading the series! Around sports this will be a 2 week venture -

we have a theatre here (in the gymnasium of an old school) that serves pizza and you sit on sofas and old chairs - that's our speed these days! (http://www.mcmenamins.com/index.php?loc=57&id=688)