Overheard in the play area

BigBrother was throwing a truck. Before DW could tell him not to, LittleBrother picked up a truck and threw it across the room (he has a strong arm).

DW: "See, LittleBrother wants to be just like you. He does everything you do. That's why it is so important for you to behave."

LB: "I. Don't. Care"


Kel said...

Maraya says "I know, I know" A LOT and it drives us crazy -

Finally, this year she expanded the idea for us - "I know all what you are saying (the "rules") but there are times I forget" (or decide to test my boundaries).

In these cases I turn it over to the kid and ask, "so, why do you think we shouldn't throw trucks?"

They usually come up with way more than you would -

And this works great for discipline too - "so, if you were the parent, what would you do?" and they tend to ground themselves much longer and harder than you had intended -

And he does care -that you care ;)

MIL said...

Kel has great parenting ideas!!!!!!

Kel said...

MIL: thanks for the vote of confidence - there are days it is dearly needed!

I keep telling my older daughter she is the test child - and she can take it up in counseling in her 20s ;)

So, far she lets me know when I am messing up - 'course, that is all of being 12 yrs old too!

MIL said...

Just had to say this: relationship between mothers and daughters - there is your agony and your extasy.

MIL said...

This blog site is boooooorrring!!!!!!!

(You don't have to publish this.)

Kel said...

LOL at MIL's comment (yep, I keep checking back too!)

The Kept Woman said...

Yeah, I've noticed that this approach doesn't work well in my house either...