Overheard in the car

On Sunday, we were in the car for approximately 18 hours. Ok, it was more like 5 hours, but still. That's a lot of car time for a 20m old and a 3 year old. I had stayed up late playing poker and cleaning up, and had, er, imbibed. I needed something greasy for the trip. As our house a basically grease free, I stopped at McDonald's.

DW: I'm concerned about you feeding the boys french fries too often.
Me: Wha? Why?
DW: Well, you gave them each some fries last weekend, and you were ready to give them more today.
Me: So, is that different from the vanilla shake you're giving them now?
DW: (shocked that she has been caught) Uh, no, I guess not.

On the way to my cousin's party 2 hours away in Rockford, BigBrother came up with this gem:
"Why is the sky blue?"
I actually knew the answer (more or less). But I didn't want to go into sun angles and atmosphere with a 3 year old so I said "because it's the color of the water in the oceans." BB, not satisfied with my answer, repeated but added a MOMMY before. Apparently he doesn't trust me. I have no idea why.

We left the party about nap-time, and neither one of the kids sleep in the car well. When the following exchange between BB and DW happened, it was a surprise. Even when you know it's coming, it's still a surprise.

"Are we at Nana's yet?"
"Where is Nana's?"
"It's a ways away"
"Are we at Nana's now?"
"No honey, it will be a while, try relaxing."
"Are we at Nana's now?"
"No, not yet"
"Are we at Nana's now?"
"Honey try closing your eyes."
"Are we at Nana's now?"
"No, honey, not yet."
"Are we at Nana's now?"

At that point I broke in. "Yes, we're at Nana's and you're just dreaming this. You're taking a nap upstairs and Nana just read you a book."


"Mommy, are we at Nana's yet?"


Dear Wife said...

After the whole "dream sequence" explanation, can you blame the boy for asking mommy?

Also, vanilla shakes are chocked full of good nutrition. They are filled with calcium. And vanilla. And, of course, shake.

MIL said...

Hmmm....and you ridicule me for saying that cake is nutritious because it has milk, flour and eggs..Verrrry interesting..

Dear Wife said...

Woman! You're too literal. Since when is "shake" included on a nutrition label? But yes, I concede that both cake and shake are equals on the nutrition scale.

MIL said...

Girl, that was a good come back!!!