A funny thing happened on the way to the retaining wall

I called DearWife the other day, to let her know I'd be home on time for BodyPump. At the end of the call:

DW: "Is there anything else you wanted to tell me?
Me: "No."
DW: "Are you sure?"
Me: (straining to think of what I might have left open or not put away) "u, yah"
Me: "oh, about the post where I said I was just going to buy the TV?"

We reached a preliminary agreement that we would have a preliminary discussion about the conditions under which a new TV might or might not be purchased. Which I'm counting as a large victory. And in a show of good faith, I'll probably delay the retaining wall (which would throw my back out, and would force us to hire a landscaper to redo what I would undoubtedly mess up).


Kel said...

hmm, I just told Bob to go buy a TV

that right there floored him - now there are so many things to research and this is a BIG decision -

I figure it will take months . . . years even

MIL said...

I'm with Muskyboy. Just get the darn TV. Enough is enough!!!

Woodchuck said...

ok, so I'm doing a little research on the subject...I'm working on it.