I'm not going to pretend I understand

I have no idea why Israel is at war with Lebanon. I mean, I get that Hezbollah is a terrorist organization. I get that they kidnapped a couple soldiers. It seems a rather flimsy excuse to start bombing. But honestly, I don't know, I pay much more attention to Bears pre-pre-season coverage.

However, the news made me pause this morning. As I walked into work, I asked the security guard why they were doing construction. They had taken out the glass walls, and built inner walls about 2 feet inside the new glass outer walls.

It's for a Jewish Organization. Bullet proof walls. I believe concrete barriers. Probably more.


Kel said...

As I was listening to the news this morning I realized how little I know about the conflict - I was looking for the Cliff Notes today online . . .

MIL said...

That's just what I said to your FIL!!! WHY IS Isreal at war with Lebanon?????