Another year, another 2 Mill

So here's the schedule for the weekend. Khyle stresses over work until 10PM Friday (while watching the Bears). DW and the kids go with MIL and Cous to see Thomas in Union, IL. Ok, it's not Thomas, it's a stupid engine dressed up like Thomas. And we were there last year. Originally, Cous was going to go with MIL and FIL, but FIL couldn't make it.

So Dear Wife offered to go with our kids. It can be stressful watching a 3 year old in a train yard. Let me tell you...Quick story...DearWife looked over at MIL who was with cogs. She took a train out of a little girl's hands and gave it to cous. Hmm.

The kids just went down about an hour late.

Tomorrow....we're going to see Thomas again. We'll zip home, get them a nap (cough cough). And then there's a block party. Which means another late night. On Sunday we go to a friend's working farm. When she was a girl, she visited my grandparent's farms. She valued it so much, she offered to host us.

So we'll get there around 1, and play until we cook out. Then we'll come home. I'm sure there will be no crabbiness by this point. Honestly, I'm more worried about me than the kids. I'm skipping poker to make sure I can get enough sleep so as not to be crabby.

Musky thinks I'm being a pussy by skipping poker. And he's probably right. Better safe than crabby in a car with two screaming preschoolers I always say though.


Kel said...

"Better safe than crabby in a car with two screaming preschoolers I always say though."


Woodchuck is taking the tweens to the antique airplane fly in tomorrow and I "suggested" that I should stay home and tidy the garden . . .

"Better home alone than ANYWHERE with tweens I always say."

ok - kidding . . . kinda

Woodchuck said...

Live on the edge! You can stay up late, swap manly stories and in the morning, toast frozen waffles.

Muskyboy said...

Musky is always right!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope you washed your skirt for this weekends activities.

MIL said...

In my defense, this was not a little girl!!! She towered over all the little kids and was hogging up all the trains!!!

MIL said...

Shoot!! I didn't say this right. She, the "little girl" was hogging up all the trains. Sorry.