BigBrother Updates

Big Brother doesn't like going to sleep. Must get that from me. So, most nights, and some nap times, he tries to escape his bedroom in search of adventure. Generally as soon as he gets out, he comes and finds DearWife or me. He quickly figured out he needed an excuse to be out of bed. His first attempt was "I have to go potty." That wasn't so hot once we actually made him go potty.

So now, as he stumbles with his eyes barely open, his shoulders drooping, his left thumb in his mouth and his right hand rustling around in his hair, he says he's afraid of something. Here is an incomplete list of the things he's afraid of:

  • The Dark (which is not true)
  • The light in his room (from the windows)
  • The light in his room (from the monitor)
  • Books
  • Chairs (in the kitchen)
  • The helicopter he heard
  • The airplane he heard
  • noises (general)
and my all time favorite: walking. He said he was afraid of walking. We now have an adult door knob thing on the inside of his room after he continues to walk out instead of going to bed. The last couple weeks, he's been giving us warnings.

The bad news is, I'm going to come out of my room as soon as you leave. The good news is I love you.

Today, we had another discussion about the doorknob. He was protesting. "But my naps are soo BORING."

In other news...I was reading him the Lorax today at nap time. One part of the story is that the evil industrialist Once-ler drives out the brown barbaloots (teddy bear looking creatures). Here was the discussion:

Me: "and the brown barbaloots had to leave."
BB: Why did they have to leave?
Me: Because there wasn't enough truffula fruit.
BB: Yes there was. Look right there are 4 truffula trees. And there's more over there.
Me: Uh, it takes lots of truffula trees to feed one barbaloot.

I was pretty happy with my quick wit in explaining this to him.


Woodchuck said...

When BB comes out of his room, try telling him that you are in a time out and he will just have to go back to his room untill your time out is over.

Hey, it worked on the girls for a few months...

Khyle said...

That is hilarious.

MIL said...

BB is TOOOO precious and precocious (sp?)for words!!!