LittleBrother Update

Post #2 today is a generic update on LittleBrother.

I think I tend to post most about BigBrother because he's a lot more vocal, and he asks for attention, and he's saying more. But holy crap is LittleBrother a bundle of energy. He's completely fearless in a way that can only be the result of never having considered the consequences of one's actions.

His freedom and curiosity and joy is really something to behold. The other morning, neither DW nor I was willing to wake up completely when he got up (which, to my recollection was 5am). He was AWAKE. For a while, he snuggled on his mom, but then he got too rambunctious. DW bit the bullet and got up. While she was getting ready, he stayed in bed with me for a few minutes. All I have to do is make a sudden movement hiding my face and it sends him into uncontrollable giggles. He makes a noise and I stare at him with a funny face; more giggles.

I really love that he's still at his incredibly cute stage, and he still will do anything you comically tell him not to do. "Do not kiss your mommy." "Do not go upstairs."

I know that this stage is about to end. But I'm really looking forward to when he can be more verbal. Right now he's knows a bunch of words, but unless you see what he's pointing at, everything sounds like milk (mek), mama or water (wawa).


MIL said...

That's not true. LB can CLEARLY say "baby", "crashed", "Me", "yellow" and at least 7-10 other words!!!!

Dear Wife said...

I've kept a list and he can say over 60 words. However, not all would be understood by a stranger, and even some I need to see the context in order to decipher. But, as evidenced by the pictures, he is clearly working on his gross motor skills and putting off the verbal skills until he has mastered flying.

BTW My current favorite words are "yo" for hello and "yi" for hi, and of course "mease" for please.