Back in touch

Of all the things I suck at - and there are many - the most personally frustrating is that I suck keeping in touch. So I was glad to reconnect with a friend from college a couple weeks ago. It reminded me of the last point in time that I was truly without responsibility. Ed and I had a lot of fun together.

We spent basically a whole summer drinking Hamms, smoking Camels, and playing basketball. And the whole time the only song we listened to was "Cold Metal" by Iggy Pop. And he was indirectly responsible for DW and I getting together.

Ed and I were both History majors and we signed up for a class together. "History of Southeast Asia." We got to class on day 1, and the teacher handed out 35 maps - due in 2 weeks. How dare he expect us to actually work. So we did what any sane college student would do - we dropped it. And we picked up social dance - 400 level honors mind you.

DW was also in that class by chance as well. By the end of the semester, we were doing the polka and on our way to getting married. So thanks again Ed for dropping that class, or god knows where I'd be right now.

Ed, as it happens is still in touch with a bunch of our old crowd. So hopefully I'll be able to get back in touch with everyone.


Dear Wife said...

Ah, Social Dance. Where all the sophomore slackers come to meet. Thanks Ed!

Anonymous said...

ohmygawd, I love that story!

man, I don't even have a good story for how I got stuck, er . . . met WC

I probably have blocked it out -

The Macek Collective said...

I'm spending a lot of time getting in touch with myself. In a Oprah-like way. Not a Paul Reubens-like way.

Although a Oprah-like Paul Reubens-like way would be HOT HOT HOT!

Muskyboy said...

There are so many things within this post that it would be just to easy to mock you in 100's of ways....so I leave you with just this (of course when I say just this there have to be several comments)....

...Hamm's WTF is that? I realize it's "The Beer Refreshing" but couldn't you at least take a step up to Blatz, Rhinelander, Red White & Blue or Point?

One other thing, it must have been fate the way you hooked up with Dear Wife, I am guessing with your grace that your first date was you taking DW to emergency room after you stomped her feet into pancakes.

Khyle said...

In college, my firm belief was that the best beer was the cheapest beer.

Option #2 was not Rhinelander, or PBR...it was "Husky" brand Tequila.

Muskyboy said...

There is no way Hamm's was less than $4.69/case with returnable bottles, so you lost out in two ways.

RW&B and Rhinelander were the way to go back then. A history major should know that. Just as an Accounting major would find the best deal.

Jeanz said...

Milwaukee's Best Light was $4 a case, with returnable bottles. Man, I burned through a LOT of $4 bills in those days.

edP said...

I forgot that the modern social dance class is where you met your lady. There are no accidents man.

Thank God we were such slackers.

The Iggy Pop record was the shit - or it was shit and we loved it.

We had a lot of fun...especially those summer sessions where it seemed like there was nothing to do. We found some shit to do.

edP said...

I think we set a record for listening to Cold Metal