DearWife and I got to observe at BigBrother's school today. The biggest rule of observation day is that the kid doesn't know you're watching. DW and I took turns, I observed while she took LittleBrother to music class. So the first thing I did was wait for a couple minutes before I go in. I'm waiting in the Church foyer. All the moms of the kids in toddler class were seemingly nervous. Perhaps I should have shaved and/or showered before going in. Hell, if I saw someone looking like Drew Carey after a bender, I might be frightened too.

So I walked toward the observation point. Who is walking to the bathroom? Yep. Looked right at me. I backed off, and finally the teacher came to get me. It was his day for show & tell. He showed a bunch of great pictures from the farm day. All morning DW and I reminded him all the things he did. What did he remember? The slingshot. That's it. The kids asked questions about show & tell.

Q1: Where do you keep your pictures?
A1: My room. This is patently untrue of course. Mainly the exist in normal form only until DW can put them in a scrapbook.

Q2: Where do you look at the pictures?
A2: In the light. I loved that answer.

Then they had 5 more questions. They were all repeats of the first two.

BB spent 20m on letter sounds completely out of my sight. Then he spent 20m on a science experiment completely out of my sight. Then he ate a snack for 20m. Then I left. I met DW outside, and happily rushed to meet her and wave at LB. She frantically waved back. It was a warning wave. Apparently they lock the doors, and I had just locked her out. She did eventually get in.

By the time we got home, it was snowing, so LB and I went outside and played in the snow, trying to catch it on our tongues. We picked up DW and BB, and went out to lunch.

As I put BB down for bed, he asked me:
BB:Were you there?
Me: Uh, why do you ask?
BB: Well, did you get to see show and tell?
Me: Where is your mother, she should be here any second.

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ohmygawd it is still 70 degrees here! yikes!