A Small Rant

Off-Topic here:

A friend came across this site last week. Les Grobstein was recently hired to write for it. Les is a local sports radio guy who has been around forever. Les is the kind of guy who can recite the play by play for a 1983 NIU-Akron game if he wanted to. So my pal linked me to this site.

It's billed as "MySpace for sports fans." I'll be the first to admit that I have no clue why MySpace is taking over the universe. The pages are all ugly, hard to read, noisy, annoying. But VC companies are wetting their pants over MySpace imitators, and sports fans are a huge market. You'd think they could walk into a VC convention, and get $6mill just for sneezing.

But when I go to the site there are all kinds of problems. The site is ugly, noisy, and worst of all SLOW. There was some good content on there, but it was not easy to find. I didn't see any way to search via tags which I think would be important. I didn't get any feel of a direction from the founder. I couldn't find an email address for him either.

If you have passionate fans that want to discuss the site or whatever, don't you think you would want to make it easy to contact you?

I think the reason I was so irritated is that I thought to myself "A sports web site start up, run locally. How freaking cool would that be?" I'm in IT, I work at a startup, I have experience with sports. But then I'm disappointed. Still, it's early, and there is a lot of potential.

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