Spraying to all fields

We are officially on board with a new HDTV. DearWife, acting in her pseudo-official role as boss of all things financial except cigars, approved the purchase today. I think the final thing that put it over was "Jeez, if MuskyBoy has one..."

Now it's all in the timing. I have to get the HD-DVR from DirecTv, order the TV from CDW, and we're set. I can now see the rest of the Bears undefeated season in High Def without bothering pals.

In other news, I have inexplicably become addicted to this webcam. It's a watering hole on a preserve in Africa apparently. We put it up on the LCD at work. Just today there were Water buffalo, Impalas, wildebeest, boars and all kinds of birds. We've seen elephants and giraffes as well. Cool, yes?

Today, DW took the kids on a 'leaf hunt.' Apparently she got the idea from a book they were reading. The kids were psyched up. Then about 3 minutes into it, BigBrother realized that he was on a hunt. For leaves. "It's soo booring."

DW: "Sure, what do you want to do instead?"
BB: "Let me think a minute. " pause. "How about we find colored leaves?"

Finally, the TV decision came at a fortuitous time. DWs 20th HS reunion, and an evil former blogger who will not be named pulled her into helping out. As soon as the kids go down on the weekend, DW starts to realize her situation. "Oh my God, I have so much to do. The office is annoying the crap out of me. The toys need to be put away, and I have to..."

Thankfully, many of these things have no effect on me. I can generally just push things to the perimiter of the room and be happy that I've done my 'cleaning.'

So, how DW (who is with the kids all day, has workouts, and cleaning and bill paying and on and on and on) has the time to help evil former blogger with the reunion, I'm not sure. I do get the feeling that I'll be watching a lot of High-Def TV alone over the next several months however.


Dear Wife said...

What? We're getting HDTV?

What? I'm helping to plan my 20th reunion?

What? I have a 20 year reunion?

What? You clean?

The Macek Collective said...

I pray DW will still have time to respond to an occasional - Hey.....howsabout gettinme a beer?

By the by - leaf hunts is fruity.

Muskyboy said...

Well truth be known, I didn't want the HDTV, that was Momma Musky's idea.

Khyle said...

Musky: Shocked that you wouldn't fork out $ for a TV. If I recall correctly, the last one you had was so old you had to use the plyers to turn the channel because the dial was worn out.

Anonymous said...

{keeping my mouth shut}

{OK, REALLY keeping my mouth shut}

{snort} "you clean"

{snort} "had to use the plyers"

ROTFLMAO {hyperventilating}

Muskyboy said...

Well I wouldn't know about needing the plyers I would send the kids up to the console to change the channel.

I did adjust the rabbit ears on occasion.

Anonymous said...

no pressure, but it is body pump night . . .

man, this HDTV is really going to cut into the blogging isn't it ???