It's back

It's been busy around here. With the Bears and Bulls and work and body pump and Halloween.

I've been meaning to post since Sunday. I had a quiz all ready. Which family member most recently said "I need a strong drink." But alas, we had important visitors at work. And it was Halloween on Tuesday. DW made great costumes (Thing 1 and Thing 2). She wore a Cat in the Hat hat....but my costume was by far the most realistic: pasty middle aged whiter than wonder bread guy. The kids did at least 4 houses. Then they got cold and bored and we went home.

Why on earth did they put Halloween right after the time change? My kids are all off of their schedule and then we geek them up on sugar? GREAT IDEA. Thanks tradition! On top of that, LB has the Croup. I'm going to repeat my objection to naming something "The" anything. You never name something like that unless its evil. You call it "the black plague." Not "the cold." Every time I hear that I get a little shiver up my spine. It doesn't help when he wakes up gasping for breath. DW didn't have to convince me to let him sleep with us.

I got home today to do the body pump for kids swap with DW. Before I got in the door, BB was telling me about the helicopter above the church that was on fire. Turns out it was a motel (the very motel that the oh-so romantic Father In Law took MIL on their honeymoon night - but that's another story). But he was really ramped up about it.

The helicopter was helping. It was saving people...etc. etc. Then I heard that there was a detour involved. At least it wasn't in Huntley. But during the whole detour, BB kept asking DW "Are you speeding? Slow down. Are you going the right way?"

And in the Khyle-is-cursed news of the day...I finally go ahead with the HDTV purchase - without even an argument from my better half - and DirecTv is OUT OF HDTV DVRs. WTF.

Holy crap - DW left the TV on and The Oprah just came on...must go before I fall into convulsions.


Anonymous said...


{snickering} out of HDTV DVRs

And he's back!

Yeah - this week is a complete bust - time change, parties at school, sugar highs, early release . . .

You just wait!

THE croup. I agree, sounds evil.

Maybe "they" should rename it THE adolesecence . . . {pondering} . . . but I digress ;)

edP said...

Oprah tends to induce convulsions

Muskyboy said...

Busy because of the Bears and Bulls? I don't get that one.

Nothing like a good case of the Croup to keep a family close.

Watching Oprah, listening to Olivia Neutron Bomb, sigh...Khyle please turn in your man card.