The continuiing adventures of Wonder Woman and Batman

For a few brief happy moments, BB was Lightning McQueen. Last night (bodypump night), I got home and the kids were on the stairs. BB was trying to negotiate with DearWife.

BB: "Why can't you work out at home tonight? I don't want you to go to bodypump."
DW: "I am going to a class and use weights. "
BB: "You can use weights here."
DW: "But I'm going to a class, and sometimes it's nice to go and have a teacher."
BB: ....(pouting)
Me: (deftly changing subject) "Why are your pajama sleeves rolled up so high?"
BB: "I'm Wonder Woman. These are my bracelets."
Me: sigh (to DW) "You did this on purpose didn't you?
LB: "me yatman (Batman)"
BB was and is amazingly verbal from an early age. But he's is not very coordinated. LB is the opposite. He loves playing with the gear set. He figures out how to put it all together. Makes them move. Throws 1800 pieces across the floor.

But LB is having trouble enunciating. He can say 'boo-uh' and 'k' but not 'book.' He's not Batman, he's Yatman. It's not football it's 'yutball.' Ok, I know. He's 2. Barely. And he's really smart too. He understands very well what is going on. Well, except any time he is told not to do something again or he'll be sent to his crib. When that happens, he generally sticks out his lower lip for 45 seconds, and if no one stops him, he'll go to his room. Then turn right back around and come down smiling giddily.

So DW is having LB tested today for his speech. I was a little worried about the speech thing until this morning when I remembered that I was in speech therapy for a couple years. My mom tells me I was a horrible person to the people trying to correct my lithp. But we know that she makes up embarrassing stories for no reason. So we're ignoring that.


Anonymous said...

"But we know that she makes up embarrassing stories for no reason. So we're ignoring that."


yup, sounds like it is all your fault . . .

Muskyboy said...

Now your just a horrible person....sorry couldn't resist.