The Curse of Musky

It was an odd day yesterday. First, we came a little bit closer to the final decision to get a mini-van. Nothing imminent, but there was a certain realization that made it clear we were going to have to get one.

In the middle of the day, I got an email from DearWife saying our HD-DVR was in, and I could call to order it. Which I did almost immediately. Much to my surprise, it was supposed to come in in 4-5 days. A couple weeks ago there was a 4 week waiting period after the order, and they couldn't even place the order. So that's great, except, of course, I don't have the TV.

I would have bought it from Best Buy, but its about $250 more than what I could get at CDW. So I have bought the TV, and it's sitting a mere 30 minutes away - just waiting for me to pick it up. I had a late conference call with a company that had to roll out changes on Sunday, with very little notice.

On the way home, I called DW to let her know about the TV and when I'd be home. She was going to be at a Pizza party at the hostess' house. No answer. Txt'd her. No. Home? No.
Retried her cell, and I hear her talking to someone "he thinks I'm at a pizza party."


"Hi honey?"
"Where are you?"
"On my way to Kenosha following a tow truck."

DW was on the way back from having LB tested for his speech. The tester's professional opinion is that everything is great, except 'his enunciation stinks.' While on the phone with MIL, she hears something dragging. She says "I have to pull over." MIL says "No just drive as long as you can" - in the middle of the road with a 2 year old. MIL. Always there with sage advice.

She pulls over against MIL's wishes, and as she does the car just 'dies.' There is fluid all over the road. She takes LB out of the car, you know, in case she's in an 80's action movie and the car explodes.

Eventually she calls our neighbor who is a mechanic, and he asks her to tow it to his dealership (40 minutes north). So she does just that. The tow guy arrives and sees the fluid. Hmm...he bends down to look. And he licks some of it off the road.

I'll let that sit with you for a moment.

Ok. He says 'tastes like radiator fluid.' I'm not sure which joke to make here, so I think I'll let that stand on its own.

So we're eagerly awaiting a call to see if we have a $400 problem or one that ends with a new mini-van.

Edited: Replaced 'shitty' with 'stinks' due to vociferous objection of falsifying facts from DW.


Anonymous said...

{awaiting pictures of new mini van}

Woodchuck said...

I think that a nice Tailblazer would work for you and then you don't have the ""mini van" thing going on. You could alway listen to Xanadu in your new van.

Let's see, cat back exaust, ghost flames, and 8000 watt stero, all check....still a mini van.

Khyle said...

I don't really dig most SUVs. I am always always cramped in them. It feels like I'm in a Pinto but really high up.

I am not hung up on the mini-van 'thing.' You should know that by now.

You're going to have to excuse me while I go buy an Yngvie Malmsteen record now.

Muskyboy said...

Yngwie, not Yngvie. Get ABBA greatest hits, that is more your style.

Mini Van, again Khyle turn in your man card. The only way to potentially redeem yourself is if the Mini Van is an Odyssey.

Anonymous said...

see, I told you to go with the ABBA

the girls and I cruise to it ALL the time

Fernando . . .

edP said...

Khyle, a lot of people are going to say a lot of things to you in this life. Let me say it takes a man to say "I don't really dig most SUV's" - and for the sake of practicality, his family whatever is pressing...suck it up and say 'We may have to get a mini-van.'

By the way "Yngwie, not Yngvie" is one of the funniest things I've read in awhile.