Geeking out

As I was leaving Union Station this morning, there was a guy screaming at no one in particular.

Religious Nut: "And I came upon a green hill. The sun was rising over it's grassy fields. There was a river running through it. The river looked like the letter C."
Random Guy: "This place is getting more like f***ing New York every day."


I am an unabashed 80's action fan. I saw Rambo 4 times on opening weekend. I saw all of Arnold's movies (Raw Deal, Running Man, Predator, etc). And of course, Rocky is an all time classic movie. It's one of only two approved guy-cry movies (the other being "It's a Wonderful Life." Rocky II was good, and I loved Mr. T in III. IV was a great experience being at the height of the cold war. And then there was V. I couldn't even bring myself to watch it.

So I was not psyched when Sly came out with VI. But after reading some interviews (on AICN in particular), I was starting to get optimistic. Then the reviews came out today 3.5 stars. I am totally psyched about this movie. Now the only question is: What is it going to take to get DearWife to see it with me?

Check out the trailer:


Muskyboy said...

There are no approved "man-cry" movies and even if there were Rocky wouldn't be one of them.

Ed said...

Best line from Rocky III...

Rocky is doing the exhibition match turned brawl vs. the wrestler Thuderlips (deftly portrayed by the Roid Rampaging Hulk Hogan).

Right before the festivities ensues Rocky makes the Sign of the Cross and Burgess Meredith mutters to no one in particular "It always makes me noivus (nervous) when he does dat."

MIL said...

Come with us. I wouldn't miss it for the world and no way am I going to wait until it's in video.