I'm excited to be participating in a group blog over at DadBloggers. My first post is up today, follow the link (MIL - click on the subject line of the post) and let me know what you think.


Dear Wife said...

I think you're awesome. Now I'll go read your post.

MIL said...

I liked what you said in the DADS blog and you said it SO well. I agree 10000%!

(Too bad email address is required on that blog to leave a comment. Above is the comment I would have left.)

Shelley said...

Khyle, when one writes a comparison and contrast piece, I think it is only fair that one be accurate in the details. You say, "he tells his kids Santa is fictional." Jeff did not write that, and since I happen to live in the same household, I happen to know that is not a true statement. However, that is not even my beef with your piece. It is with your last 2 paragraphs. You imply that his choices do not let kids be kids and that his children do not enjoy Christmas and that yours will because you are doing everything you can to prolong their innocence. I think you totally missed the purpose and point of Jeff's post. Perhaps I am reading more into your writing than is really there because I am offended by your word choice and oh-so-wise-trying-to-be-humble tone. Truly the 2nd to the last paragraph was unnecessary for what you were writing about.

Khyle said...


"You say, "he tells his kids Santa is fictional." Jeff did not write that"

He did write: "The main thing we were not doing was making Santa real. "

I took that to mean you were telling the kids the truth.

I think you are reading too much into it. Read this sentence from the offending paragraph again:

"I truly respect the thought process you go through in order to do the right thing for your kids, even if I have a completely different thought process."

Maybe the Stripes reference was snarky. But if you read the content, it wasn't critical of either the post or the decisions he makes.

I changed my focus from trying to think out every little decision to trying to enjoy my kids while I can.

Jeff's post provided a jumping off point.

Shelley said...

Thank you for your comments, and I realize his post was a jumping off point. That was clear in the beginning of your piece.

I think when you brought him back into it at the end of your post is what makes it look like a direct hit to him, even with the respect sentence. And because of the placement of the respect sentence (after the "Lighten up" part), it appears disingenuous. But, like I said before, the whole paragraph was not needed to get the point across that you have changed your focus from the way it was before you were a parent.

Again, I appreciate your comments. I promise I'll shut up now. :-)

MonkeyDragon said...

and I ewven left a ccomment ;)

Diane said...

Well I would have read and probably posted if you were lording intellectual imaginary Santa intelligence over someone, however I can't get a link to work, so I will have to wait for a manual link later.

On another note, going to Vegas and gettting the flu consecutevely is NOT a fun way to spend your hard earned vacation. I do not recommend it, no more travelling during December for us!