The Grand Experiment is over

I am back on the juice. Well, Diet Coke at least. And no it was not the millions of comments, emails, and IMs that urged me to drink caffeine. Although very moving, the 'for the sake of your family, do NOT subject them to this.'

I was sleeping much better, but lighter. As soon as any little thing happened, I was awake. In our house, any little thing happens early, say 5:30 on a good morning. So the net result was that I was not any better off.

I think DearWife would attest that I wasn't really crabby. The good news is that my tolerance is way down.


kerewin said...

I gave up caffeine of any form last year for Lent (but not for any sort of religious reason, merely to give up something I had every day). After 40 days without I could barely drink any caffeine at all!

I also found my sleep to be much more satisfying and less elusive. On the other hand, I love coffee and could never give it up permanently.

Muskyboy said...

Sleep? WTF is that? Caffeine or no Caffeine makes no difference to me I can't sleep anyway. I've tried quiting. Found it to be relatively easy...only a few days of a headache. I don't like water....anybody who says water doesn't have a taste is lying. I do like soda so after about 4 months of not drinking any caffeine and still not being able to sleep I went back to it. No change in my sleeping habits.

But I have been sleeping great lately. I get almost 5-6 hours every night only waking up 2-3 times. Yahoo.