Pad the Room

When we put the kids down for a nap on Saturday, I ran out and did some errands. When I got back, I heard a twang twang twang coming from upstairs. At first I thought it was a cat playing with the door stopper.

Then I realized it was coming form inside LittleBrother's room. DW came out and told me the story. She was on the internets and heard: thump. patter patter patter. She came out and looked at BigBrother's room, but the door was shut. She looked at LittleBrother's room and it was shut. Then she noticed LittleBrother was in our room poking his head out giggling. He had gotten out of bed, opened his door, left, shut his door and scrambled into our room in about 15 seconds.

She put him back in, and went to search for the safety door knob covers (so he can't open the door). Before she could get it together, she heard the thump and the patter again. It took her a few seconds to get upstairs. This time, he had gotten out, went to our room, and got back in his room before she got there. He was in his crib looking as innocent as could be.

She put the door knob on, and told him to stay in bed. I came in a few minutes after that. The twanging was LittleBrother playing with the doorstop. We ignored him until it stopped. Thinking he was back asleep, we left him to his own devices.

When we went upstairs to wake him up, we realized that in fact he wasn't asleep. He took every book he had in his room, and slid it under the door. About 40 of them.

So our options are:
  • Ignore it and hope for the best
  • Put a 'tent' over the crib
  • Put him in a big boy bed
  • Pad the room so he doesn't get hurt
Personally, I like padding the room. I might need one of those during their teenage years anyway.


Dear Wife said...

Option 4: Put him in his sleep sack so he can't swing his leg up over the bar of the crib. Also, exhaust him enough over the weekend so he wants and needs a nap. Seemed to work today!

Dear Wife said...

Umm...I guess that would be option five. (1, 2, 3, 4, yes, it is 5)

kerewin said...

I have no answers, but the book thing was VERY funny!

Anonymous said...

uh, shrug and tell him to pick them all up and put them back

afterall, why are you stressing over this - transfer the responsibility for the action back to the child

and might as well put him in a bed

Jeanz said...

Two words: leg irons.

Those, too, will come in handy through the teen years.

Anonymous said...

if you find the leg irons a bit too much, duct tape works well also . . . with added flexibility in case you need to stick them to something - like a wall

Anonymous said...

or the roof of the mini van . . although Rola makes a nice roof rack so you mess up the paint . . .