Weekend Recap

When I get sentimental about being a kid, the one thing that always comes to mind is the late car trip home. My parents would take me over to their friends place so they could play charades. I'd play with my friends until it was time for bed, then we'd change into pajamas and play for a few more hours. We'd get that glassy look in our eyes from being so tired, but we'd refuse to go to bed all the same. I'd lay down in the back seat of the car. I wouldn't wake up when I was transferred into bed, but I'd feel the comfort and warmth of it all the same.


I was 'forced' to work from home last Thursday and Friday. So we took advantage and had an early dinner at Chili's. It's basically the same story over and over when we go there. We order chips, salsa and queso, and the kids eat their fill of chips. We order the kids mac & cheese which they never eat. We order them corn on the cob, and they say it's too hot until it's room temp. I try to order boneless buffalo wings, but after answering questions from DearWife and the Waitress, I give up and order Philly Cheese steak.

BigBrother decided it was time to spice things up. Immediately after eating a chip, he got that expression on his face. The one of terror. He let out a small scream "I just choked!" We knew he was ok since he could breathe and yell. But he was really scared. So DW took him to the bathroom. On the way, he threw up all over himself and DearWife as several waitresses and patrons watched. She came back later with a wet black shirt and a happy BigBrother.


On Sunday we went to my parents house. I set up their new computer with Vista (which sucks by the way), and DearWife went with my mother to a baby shower. As I was working on the PC, my dad was playing with the boys, and I heard about an hour straight of giggling. It was great background noise.

Afterward, we went to visit some friends of ours we havent' seen in a long time. Our kids played together. LittleBrother had that same glassy look that I remember having myself. He was 'not TIRED.' He dazily watched as the other kids played with trains. We left about 2 hours after their bed time, and LittleBrother was asleep before we got out of the subdivision.

We stopped along the way to get gas. I washed the car windows. I made sure to add a little flair when I did BigBrother's window. He got a big smile.

When LittleBrother was taken out of the car, he was limp. His eyes opened ever so slightly, you could tell he was in some kind of dream. I read BigBrother a quick book, and DearWife came in and sang to him. He loves to sing "Take me out to the ball game" and sing root root root for the Cubs, just to get my goat.

It was shaping up as a great finish to the weekend. Then LittleBrother started screaming. He screamed for 20 minutes straight. But the good news is that he won't remember that part. He'll remember fighting to stay awake playing with his friends in his pajamas.

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