Fun fun fun

So now that I've recovered from the Super Bowl, it's time to get back to posting.

Here's a quick glimpse inside our household the last few days.

LittleBrother skipped his nap a couple days ago. He's never been as good of a sleeper as his brother. But he'd been up late the night before (MIL was babysitting, and for whatever reason, it is physically impossible for them to be in bed when MIL is over before 9PM). Surprisingly, LittleBrother was not crabby all day. But right before bed, he demanded that he brush his teeth first. I hesitated, which set him off.

Then I gave him the toothbrush, but that wasn't enough. He wanted toothpaste. So I gave it to him. But it wasn't enough. He was hysterical. Crying and crying. His face was beat red. I took him to his room to cool him off, but he was having none of it. DearWife came in, and gave it a shot. 5 minutes later he stopped crying.

DearWife says she asked him to calm down because she couldn't understand him...he took a deep breath, blinked his eyes and said "ok, done." Then he went to bed.


It's been really cold and dry up here the past week. DearWife doesn't beleive in humidifiers, she refuses to sign on to buying one. But this past weekend, I looked at by cracked and bleeding hands and made a decision. Risking temporary doghouse status, I went to Menard's and bought the biggest one I could find.

Took it home, filled it up, and turned it on. Three minutes later, DearWife says "wow, this is probably the placebo effect, but I already feel much better."


Yesterday, the kids decided that they should fill up the humidifier with a giant pitcher. DearWife let them. They moved the chair to the sink. They figured out how full they could make it and not spill it. They figured out that BB (who was on the chair doing the filling) had to hand it down to LB (who would talk it to the humidifier). They took turns filling it up.

They didn't spill a drop.


I had the Humidifier turned up to 11, but this was too loud for DearWife. She turned it down to 4. Last night, before we went upstairs, I filled it up. I went upstairs and got ready while DW was downstairs surfing blogs. Right as I was dozing off while watching Family Guy, DW says to me "Do you think the humidifier should be on higher?" I knew what that translated to, so I said "no, I will not go turn it up. You turned it down, you were just down there, and I'm comfy in bed. No."

DearWife went to bed, only to wake up with cotton mouth. She went downstairs, and turned it up. She couldn't get back to sleep, so she woke up tired. And a little sick. And both kids were up before 6AM.

And then the kids decided to fill up the humidifier again. Except LittleBrother spilled a little. BigBrother thought that was hilarious, so he dumped the rest all over the foyer.

DearWife showed tremendous restraint, and just made BigBrother clean up the mess. Then a neighbor called. The boys know DW is weak when she's on the phone, especially the corded one. So they went upstairs.

And BigBrother decided to eat toothpaste. Except it was buttpaste. One call to poison control later, he was fine.


DearWife called me with the buttpaste update this morning. My only thought was 'and yet you want another one.' Sigh.


Diane said...

That was just damn funny!

Woodchuck said...

Buttpaste, would have loved to see that one.

As for the wife, get her a Hamster instead.

Muskyboy said...

Funny, I have a dehumidifier running in my house.

edP said...

Buttpaste isn't that bad.