Work fun

I normally don't write that much about work. One of the reasons for the lack of posting recently is because work has been going through some changes. The company I work for has about 45 employees. We just got bought out (yesterday) by a 26,000 employee company. A $4 billion company.

So there are changes, and I've been a little distracted. It's a positive change, but it could be a rather large one. For a while, I expect to be Office Spaced, reporting to at least 3 bosses. There should be some really interesting and challenging work to do, so that is good.

As part of the get-to-know-you meeting with our new parnet, our president is having a mandatory pot-luck. Everyone in the company is supposed to bring something (presumably home made) to participate. I repeat. Mandatory. This is the 4rth such pot luck in the last few months. You might infer from my tone that I don't like this. You'd be correct.

I commute 4 hours a day to and from work. The last thing I want to do when I get home is bake.
The guys who work for me are in general agreement with me. So we decided as a group to order delivery wings from a local Chicken place. The wings are pretty popular. More popular than the hot dogs, Jewel-branded hummus and pita chips.

Now, all the sudden, small minded co-workers are emailing the president complaining that we're going against the spirit of the potluck. The lunch room is ablaze with controversy....particularly now it's not just my team that's doing it. We added a support guy to our little group.

Everyone was aghast. Even the hot dog guy.

So....to recap. Our company is being bought out. Our internal structure is changing (some people will be changing jobs, some reporting to new people, promotions, demotions). The culture of the company will eventually have to change to meet the parent's. And half the company is worried about chicken wings.

At least they have their priorities straight.


Anonymous said...

who doesn't like chicken wings!! When I go home, I turn off my cell phone and use what little hours I have left in the day for my own enjoyment. Who wants to bake for work haha

oh well good luck. I suggest spiking the punch.

jeanz said...

"Mandatory potluck" in itself goes against the spirit of potluck. I think you should refer to it as the "potsuck." And withhold the dipping sauce in protest.

Angela said...

A mandatory potluck...that's a new one. Good luck with the upcoming changes. And have fun with the TPS reports.

Diane said...

My God you have just returned to GB, only today they are hosting a Super Bowl party today complete with spinach dip and sausauge chunks, but THEY got to wear t-shirts (I believe that was probably mandatory too!) Don't you miss the good ol' days?

Muskyboy said...

Nothing like a good restructuring to get the blood flowing and senior management to hit on a couple chapters in the Management/Team Building manual.

Good luck...and don't give any wings to the people who are bitching. That will teach them.

TMC said...

dude. I just go home from work every day and bake. It's like....therapeutic or something.