You will all be relieved

A while back I mentioned asking a girl out in the 9th grade. We had Algebra together I think, and after class one day, I worked up the nerve to ask her out. She said no, that she wanted to protect our friendship. And, of course, we weren't really friends.

When I got an email asking me if I was coming to the reunion, I begged off, jokingly saying that I couldn't come because I never fully recovered from that incident. So she emailed me after that, and as it turns out, she wasn't allowed to date until she was 16.

At least that's her story now.


Muskyboy said...

High School reunion, yuck...When my 20th came up all I thought was "I didn't really care for most of those people then why the hell would I want to see them know" If I wanted to see those people I would still be in contact with them. At least that is my theory. I talk to only three people I knew in High School, one being my wife.

edP said...

I went to the ten year reunion but I'm probably not going to go to the 20th. 10 was sweet. It was nice to see so many of these people all grown up, married with kids of their own....20 has the potential to be sad with half of them divorced and if any of them are looking worse than me - that's tragedy brother.