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Last Thursday, I went to see MuskyBoy play in his band. I thought it was pretty cool that he a) took up guitar again so close to AARP membership, and B) that he had the guts to form a band and play live. And they played classic rock with some Bowie. So it couldn't be all that bad...could it?

When I got there, the band was warming up. I sat down and chatted with a buddy...and waited...for 90 long minutes. At least Stray Cats was on in the background. Anyway, when it came close to the start, Musky was getting a little nervous.

As they got ready to go on, I realized that this was a celebrity look-alike band (except for the one non-descript guitar player and Musky). The drummer was the live version of the school bus driver from the Simpsons. The bass player, who was pretty good was a clone of Kyle Gass of Tenacious D fame. And the lead singer was the love child between Buddy Holly and Larry Bud Melman.

During the first song, they showed their nerves a little bit. But they got a lot tighter quickly as soon as they lost their nerves.

And honestly, the biggest problem all night was that Musky's guitar wasn't loud enough for the first 1/3 of the set. Musky was, honestly, good. I was a little hesitant about the singer, but he really committed himself to each song, and was obviously having a good time.

The concert was a complete success especially since they hadn't been together for all that long. I had a great time, and would go see them again.

Song Recommendations:
Nix all Stones covers, unless they are little known. Or you take it in a different direction. How about "Connections" or "I wanna be your lover" or one of my favorites "Shine a Light"?

I would love to see Setzer's "Bobby's Back" or "Haunted River" as well. I think you guys could really knock those out.

Losing steam here, but maybe Dave on vocals for "Keep on Rockin in the Free World."


Now if I could only get off my ass and see a Big Drag show.

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Muskyboy said...

Thanks Khyle, glad you made it. We had a great time.

We are trying to pare down a list of 63 songs to 10 or so to learn together. Several Stones tunes are on the list including Satisfaction, Brown Suger. We are also kicking around some Stray Cats..Stray Cat Strut and Rock this Town. I am trying to convince the band that we should play Ballroom Blitz and Little Willy by Sweet, but we will see. We have to find a base player because Kyle G. was a loaner.

We also have some of the standards that we a kicking around: You Really Got Me, Keep Your Hands to Yourself, We're an American Band, Rock and Roll All Nite, Play that Funky Music, LaGrange, Mony Mony etc.