Life falling back on itself

We lost my father-in-law about two weeks ago. He had been diagnosed with a deadly disease some months ago. The last months have been a roller coaster for everyone, but especially for MIL. There were good days and bad days. There were times when it seemed like he might make it, and then just hours later, there would be some bad news. Even though it wasn't easy, at least we all had time to spend together. I really hope that BigBrother (just 4.5) will have some lasting memory of his grandfather. As much of a tragedy it is that his grandfather died, it would be that much worse if he grows up not knowing what kind of person the man was.

I don't feel competent enough to write any kind of proper memorial. But the one thing that struck me most about Mike was that his best qualities were the ones that didn't attract attention to him or themselves. It was almost as if he didn't want credit for being the great guy he was.

He was notorious for reading every line of receipts, making sure that every cent he was charged was correct. But he was exceedingly generous to those closest to him. He spent a lot of time in the internet away from the real world, but always wanted to spend time with the grand-kids. He was much less comfortable expressing how much he loved people than he was with loving them.

He was one of the best at what he did, but turned down several promotions.

In the last days, the close family was all together. In one of the more bittersweet moments, DearWife was able to tell him that she is pregnant, and due 2 days after his birthday.


MIL said...

Thank you, Khyle.

macek said...

Although I haven't seen him in probably 15 years.....a flood of memories came back from when I was 14 or so. His good nature and sense of humor will be missed.

MonkeyDragon said...

Wow! this is where lives cross and we feel humanity across blogs - best to you and your family