DearWife and I agree on many many things. But not all. For example, I think Oprah is evil. She does not. I take Trump's entertainment value, and she takes Rosie's whatever it is that is redeeming about Rosie.

At one point, she thought Dr. Phil might not be so bad. Maybe he's trying to help people she thought. Or, I say, it could be he is a whore for attention that is grabbing at money by being arrogant, condescending - but he does it with a slight accent, so that makes it ok. Look, he didn't make it in private practice. He wasn't good at actually helping people. So he went to TV where you just have to look like you're helping people.

And now from the 2 seconds of skimming I've done, it appears that Dr. Phil was going to plan a special on Britney Spears after being given some one on one time. That wouldn't be exploitative at all would it.


MonkeyDragon said...

Dr. Phil BAD

we have our own mini Phil - we call her Elleah and she analyzes us for free -

'course - we give her so much good material

Woodchuck said...

I'm with my DW on this one...Dr. Phil...really bad!