Computers SUCK

So our PC died a couple weeks ago. The hard drive got bad sectors. And of course, being the technical guy, I had backups...or not. I really tried to talk myself into getting an IMac. But three things bothered me. No Blu-Ray. No games. And Office was $250 more expensive.

Anyway, we decided to get a new Dell. I like getting PCs that will last for more than 6 months, so we spent some money. I got a good new monitor. Big Hard drive. Lotsa RAM. All good stuff. Reluctantly went with Vista.

Geeky excitement abounded. When I finally set it up, after 30 minutes of re-arranging cords, I powered on the PC. And nothing happened. I waited minutes. Power off, power on. Nada.

One last time - and finally it came on. Turns out nothing was wrong with the PC, it was just SLOOOOW. Awesome isn't it?

And my monitor has fuzzy little red lines running through it. Yay PCs. Microsoft sucks.

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Anonymous said...

Guess you could always downgrade to XP? Or send it back?

My guess is we'll see blu-ray support on macs this week during macworld.