Communication and shameless plug

I am what you might call an IM whore. I am on MSN, Yahoo, AIM, GoogleTalk and Skype almost all day long. It's an amazing way to keep in touch. So I found a Skype Widget that works with blogger. It'll tell you if I'm on line, and you can click it to talk or chat with me. Cool huh? Widgets rock. As soon as I find a good one that works with the other IMs I'll throw that in too.


Also, if you look right below my Archive section on the right, you'll see "Click to Call me." WTF is that you say? Well, it's another way to keep in touch. My company (IfByPhone) offers click-to-call services. So you click on that link and you'll see a pop-up. Put your number in, and your phone will ring. Then my phone will ring. And we'll have a nice little conversation. We'll talk about what the hell DearWife and I are going to name the new baby.

For the record, you can do the same thing for free (with 100 free minutes). So feel free to check it out, and if you have any questions about it...click-to-call me.

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