Wherein I bitch about living in the hinterlands

I love snow. When:
  • It is coming down
    • Unless I'm driving
  • It is NOT on the road
So it snowed about 14" of snow today here. In case you live somewhere it doesn't snow, that is a lot of snow. A real whole lot of snow. And it was heavy snow. And the power was out. I bailed out of work early today and missed most of the bad traffic - there were only 4 cars in the ditch that I passed on my way home.

There are two especially depressing things about snow. The first is when you have to shovel while it's snowing. Then when you're done you look back where you started and it's completely covered.

But the worst is when everything is done, and the driveway is clear and you are putting the shovel away. And then the plow comes by leaving 4 feet of snow at the end.

Today I spent a long time shoveling. I thought I'd be smart, and not even bother with the end of the driveway. That way it wouldn't irritate me when the plow came by. So while I was catching up on work, hanging with the kids my wife...my 8 month pregnant wife snuck out to do the end of the driveway. I yelled at her when she got back in. As we were putting the kids down, we looked out...as the plow came by and piled 4 feet of snow at the end of the drive way.

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MonkeyDragon said...

55 degrees and sunny today -

attempted to do a bit of yardwork . . . weeding and such