The Clock, she be a 'tickin

Today is a good day. Sunny for the whole commute into work for the first time in months. Listened to music instead of Sports Talk Radio. Favre retired yesterday, Steve Stone is in the White Sox radio booth all year.


With all that's happened (being laid off, switching careers) on top of regular day to day stuff, I've kind of cheated myself out of being really excited. But for whatever reason, today I am really looking forward to meeting the new baby.

Also, for the record, I think it's gonna be a girl. I'm going on record.

As MonkeyDragon pointed out, I may need to pick out new nicknames for the boys if the baby is a boy as well. LittleBrother wouldn't make sense, so I would probably have to start naming him Crash. You'd think I would have thought about the chance that we'd have more kids when i nicknamed them. I did, it's just that I knew we were done.

But this time we are done. Officially. For now...


Anonymous said...

What are you talking about crazy-man? It is certainly a boy!


Khyle said...

give me odds?

Anonymous said...



Natural Woman said...

congrats on the baby. if it arrives on it's due date, it's a girl, if it's late in any way shape form or fashion, it's a man, i mean a boy!