Baby Update

We had a final ultra-sound on Friday, just to make sure there was enough fluid in there for the kid. Everything is fine - and we're scheduled for an induction Monday morning.

We do have some solid names. I think we are down to 2 or 3 boys names, and 1 girls name.


On Wednesday night, I was at work late. I got him about an hour after the kids had been put to bed. I said hullo to DearWife, and went upstairs to change. As I got to the top of the stairs, the door to the boys room burst open. First LittleBrother (Crash?) ran out, then BigBrother. Each of them were only wearing underwear. LOTS of underwear. They put on all the underwear they own. LittleBrother was wearing 13 pairs, BigBrother 14.

When asked the next day what they were doing, BigBrother explained:

BB: "It's penis armor."
DW: "Why did you need penis armor"
BB: "To protect from the penis scratchy monster."

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