The new kid on the block

Around 1:30, I asked DearWife why she was waiting for the epidural. Finally she was convinced that it was time. We caught the anesthesiologist just before he went into a C section. Had we not gotten him, it would have been at least an hour before she could have had one.

At 2:40, the Doctor walks in, says something about 3 or 4 and walks out. Next thing we know, the whole cavalcade of nurses walk in. DearWife said, "no no, I'm just 3 or 4." They said "no, you're 3rd or 4rth position." I don't know what that means in general, but for us specifically it meant T minus 10 minutes till baby.

DearWife was so not ready. She kept repeating that throughout the time she was pushing. She did a great job. The boys got to see their new brother that night, and they love him. BigBrother wanted to hold him immediately, and LittleBrother did too. LB didn't so much hold him as he let the baby lay on his lap.

So far, the baby has been great...during the day. He was pretty worn out all yesterday after being poked and prodded, so he slept most of the day. At about 10PM he woke up. I convinced DearWife to let the nurses take him to the nursery for a while - it was the only time we'd have that chance. So we ended up getting a couple hours sleep.

We brought him home today. DearWife and I took a nap. During the nap, my parents handed off to MIL. Let me tell you, I have no idea what we would have done without them.

I now have the rest of the week off to get to know the little guy. Now I just have to give him a nickname. Baby? I have to give it some thought.

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Simeon said...

Congratulations Khyle!