D-Day (Delivery Day)

5AM: DearWife called in, and we're a go to report for induction. She's gotten only about 2 and a half hours sleep. I have maybe 3 or 4. They did say she could eat breakfast, so that's nice.

My parents are staying with the kids. I think everything will be fine, because the kids entire routine is printed out in detail on our refigerator. Let's just say I didn't put there there.

The hospital has wireless, which is probably going to get me into trouble. More later.

7AM: All checked in. Forms filled out. Medical history re-conveyed. Now waiting for a doc to come in and ok the petossin (sp?).

I should have also noted that we have officially decided on names. Except that DearWife brought the baby name book...just in case.

7:30AM Shift change. Mary Ann is our new nurse. She's great. I asked her what the over\under is for baby arrival. She said it was likely that the birth date would be today. But she wouldn't be shocked if it was tomorrow either.

The clock is stopped at exactly midnight. Not 12:01, not even 12:01:01, midnight. Odd.

9:00AM Just now got the orders to start the petocin. DW is having contractions, but irregularly. She's resting (uncomfortably). I'm conquering the NFL playing NFL Head Coach.

9:30AM Doc just committed to us that we're having a birthday party today!

12:45PM Contractions more regular. Nurse re-arranged the room, clearing things out of the way...just in case.

Boy Name may be in limbo. Going through more options as we speak.

1:00PM Epidural...

Boy names to 3, until further notice.

2:30PM DW: "My feet feel like fat tingly sausages of un-goodness."

2:40PM Doctor checking in...baby is right there!

2:52PM DW laughed and giggled her way through the last part of labor.

8pds, 12oz boy!


Angela said...

So excited! Can't wait to hear the good news! :-)

EricS said...


WNG is excited for the news of a delivery. I think March 10th is a great birthday; one full week before St. Patrick's Day!

Diane said...

Well when this little girl (that I think I predicted about 9 months ago) comes today, she and nervous Greg will share a momentous day!!! All the best from the rainy, yet still warmer than you, Texas!!!

Anonymous said...

Almost 3:00 and no updates? You have something else to do?!

drmagoo said...

Congrats! Great to hear that everyone's okay. We're nearing 5 months away from our first, and every time one goes well, I feel slightly less nervous.