Another DirecTv post

About 3 minutes after I twittered about DirecTv finding my blog but not reaching out, I got a call from the office of the president. Aaron was calling about my recent technical issues, and my blog post(s).

I know they found the blog post because they searched Twitter for DirecTv tweets. So, while they know about Twitter, it doesn't appear that they're active in the community yet. But that's quibbling. It's very positive that they found the post and acted on it.

As Aaron pointed out, he could offer me free services or discounts, but that wouldn't truly address my issue, which is that I'm unsatisfied with the service. After a short conversation, he offered to ship me the slightly newer model of the HD DVR. He hasn't had the audio problems on that version.

We shall see. It's been a very interesting education for me on Customer Service and Social media.