My last whiny DirecTv post

My 'free' showtime went out the other day. That's when I realized that I just called and asked if they had anything they were doing for long time customers. They gave me $10 off and free Showtime for 3 months - a month before I called to complain about the audio feed on their HD channels. So when they said "We're very sorry, but all can do is give you the Smithsonian channel because you are getting free Showtime", that was a crap answer. So they want to be good to old customers, but then not help them out if they have an actual issue?

Look, maybe I'm expecting too much from a company. Maybe them caring about my single account with no premiums is too much to ask. My impending cancellation won't show on their bottom line.

But I'm not canceling just because of the poor customer service. I'm canceling because of how far DTV has slipped since they started pushing HD. I'm canceling because Comcast is doing things that at least give me hope that they are thinking about Customer Service in current terms.

They are commenting on blogs. They're tracking Twitter, and actually caring and being helpful.

Now if Comcast would just offer the NFL Channel on the basic package, I'd be set.

PS: Anyone know a good resource for building your own Media Center PC?