The little guy

Short update on the baby. I realized (after WoodChuck's comment) that I haven't really mentioned him for a while.

He's doing great. He doesn't look like Winston Churchill any longer, and he's smiling a lot. DearWife is co-sleeping with him, and it's going to be very tough to break him of this habit. He's taken to snacking all night, and that doesn't sit well with DearWife.

In other news:
LittleBrother still can't sleep. Two latest episodes:

11PM, walks into our room:
LittleBrother: Mommy! Daddy! I heard a sound. I'm scared.
US: What did it sound like?
LittleBrother (very serious): MMMMMEEEEEEOOOOOWWWW!
US: Kid, that's the cat, Izzy. Remember Izzy?
LittleBrother (walks back to room)

The other episode I find interesting because it is one conversation over many hours, and inbetween various levels of sleep.

11PM: LittleBrother
wakes up

LittleBrother (in the hall, screaming): It's all because of Mommy!
Me: What is?
LittleBrother: She wanted to take my books away.
Me: They're still here.

LittleBrother: Daddy...Daddy!
Me (after waking up): What is it buddy?
LittleBrother: I can't get back to sleep, can you tickle my back?
Me: Ok

LittleBrother: Daddy...Daddy!
Me (after waking up): What is it budy?
LittleBrother: YOU FORGOT TO TURN ON MY STARS (his night lite).
Me: Ok, here you go.