BigBrother (5) has been sick for 6 days now. His only symptoms are a fever of 102-103 and a lack of appetite. Six. Days. We have taken him to the doc twice. Same answer both times. "It's a virus, it'll run its course, and then he'll be fine." And ok, I trust our docs. So I'm confident that it's true.

It goes without saying, I'm sure that it sucks watching your son be sick for 6 days and not being able to help out. Helpless is not something I am generally good at. I do my best to keep his spirits up. I took LittleBrother out and had him choose a little present for his BigBrother. He chose foam swords in a close decision over a sand toy.

And last night, after his brothers were asleep, BigBrother couldn't sleep. So I let him come down. He asked me if we could watch Dirty Jobs. It was a small thing. But it was one of those small things that I could tell took great joy in. Just him and his dad.

BigBrother talked about all the things Mike Rowe was doing (cleaning garbage out of a sinkhole, cleaning a printing press). I even let him watch a little of the next show (Verminators). That show made a big impression on him ("Daddy make sure to watch and tell me how they kill the rats!").

But the shows weren't what made us both happy. It was spending time just relaxing, watching a funny show, just father and son. The two of us don't really get alone time. And although there are far more chaotic families than ours, it was really cool just to be able to take advantage of the time we had.