On DirecTV


Are you begging me to cancel? As you know, I was upset with you because your HD TV channels' audio would just lock up for a second randomly. I complained. The issue went away. Then it came back, and you had no idea why. So I blogged and tweeted about it. You called and shipped out a brand new version of the HD Receiver.

At first, I was happy. Then I got random digital-ish quirks in the audio again. It was the audio equivalent of watching scrambled cable. And I hadn't experienced that until last night.

Look, I only give a crap about a single show: LOST. Last night was the two hour finale.
At several points in the show, the audio would scramble, and the screen would go green. Green! During the most important two hours of my TV watching experience.

At this point, it's not about your disappointing Customer Service. It's about the crappy product. My recommendation is to bring back Tivo. Tivo kicks your DVRs ass in so many different ways. As soon as I convince DearWife that we can go without TV or to switch to Cable for several months, you're done.

Unless you buy me back with free shit of course. Payola is welcome.