4rth of July Parade

In what has become a tradition, we went to our local 4rth of July parade. We live in an area that is rapidly turning into a megasuburb, but still has it's country roots.

This is the country part.

Is there really a need for a company doing Pet Transportation?

Cool TriPod dog, who was recently rescued.

HUGE Mastiff being friendly with some kids.

Wouldn't the Saints have been a better choice for a nickname?

These are the belly dancers. Emphasis on BELLY. Looks like the old lady on the left is considering joining the class.

I was seriously concerned that he'd have a heart attack, it was like 85 degrees.

My favorite ad in the whole damn thing.

Death defying acrobatics!

Hot Rods!

No better way to show your patriotism than by sitting your fat ass on the Amercian Flag, is there?