The Door fell off

I was at work on Tuesday. I called home to hear about the kids day in school, how the baby was doing, and all that. DearWife "Um, did you see my Facebook status?" I don't know what it says about us that we communicate in Facebook statuses sometimes.

So as it happens, her status was "The refrigerator door just fell off."

But let's back up a few days. I was out of town at a conference in New York last week. On a sidenote, I stayed in a hotel that didn't have it's name on the outside because putting your name on the outside isn't cool.

So, DearWife was crazy busy with the kids. Then we were at my parents over the weekend. So, there has been little time to get anything done around the house or whatnot. So on Monday morning, DearWife realizes it's playgroup on Wednesday, and ZOMG there is a lot of cleaning to do. So, short story, she decides to paint the mud room - because, you know she's full of free time.

Before the paint dries, the door on the refrigerator falls off. The bottom hinge rusted through apparently. Now DearWife scambles to save the frozen pizza and ice cream (there may have been healthy food in there, I'm not sure, I just don't really pay attention to it) and everything else.

Now in my world, that's a lMORGANTOWN, WV - DECEMBER 1:  Head coach Dave ...esson. When you are a SAHM with 3 kids 5 and under, it's always going to be something that pops up. In DearWife's world, it's just that the damn door fell off the fridge. It reminds me of the former Bears head coach Dave Wannstedt, who, after each loss would say "if we could have just made more plays." Well, that's the thing, you have to earn those big plays. And with kids at home, it's always going to be something unexpected popping up sucking your time.

But, to her credit, the house was ready for playgroup the next morning. And everyone survived. What the hell do I know.
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