Day 10

Day 10.

Pushup status: Check
Sit up status: Check

So far, that makes: 55 pushups in 10 days, which is *by far* more push ups than I have ever done in that time period. No big deal so far. Not really struggling or anything.

But, I after working out the other night, I thought I'd just do some other simple exercises. So I did squats, you know, without weights. Well, without added weight I should say. I was squatting a great deal of weight. I did 25 of them, and holy crap am I out of shape. That's about all I could do. I could feel it a little bit today even.

I also went the full seven days without sweets. Which was a big challenge for me, but got through that without a hitch too. Next thing you know, I'll be healthy. Watch out.