100 in 100

To paraphrase my friend Gabe, it's not real unless you blog it.

So I started a program. I'm working up to 100 pushups and 100 sit ups in 100 days. This is day 5, so far so good. Some people try to work up to being able to do them all in a row, but I have no such delusions. I'm just hoping to be able to do all of them in a single day. It should be interesting. I have trouble motivating myself to work out, unlike DearWife who is nearly obsessive about it. Doing this provides a specific goal - one that I think is accomplishable.

A piece of chocolate candy.Image via WikipediaIn a related note, I have sworn off all sweets for a week. Which - at least for me - is fricking hard. On day 4 of that one. Why am I doing these things? To see if I can. Gabe recently quit eating meat altogether. And while I've thought of doing that, I think the concept is nearly insane. Why would you give up tasty meat? Pshaw - health concerns. Bah.

Will keep you all updated.
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