Senator Byrd

I'm very irritated today, and the object of my irritation is another Democrat. This time, it's Senator Robert Byrd, West Virginia drawing my ire.

Seems as a youth, a Klansman told him he had leadership potential. Obviously a man of strong morals, he immediately joined up, and started recruiting members for them. He netted 150 sheeters in total. He admits that he joined up becuase someone saw his leadership potential. The article goes on:

He belonged to the Klan for a year, then moved in 1943 to Baltimore to help build ships.

Byrd says he never resented blacks, Catholics or Jews, but he failed to "examine the full meaning and impact of the ugly prejudice behind the positive, pro-American veneer."
Maybe it's just me, but it sounds a little hollow. "Pro-American veneer?" I think it's pretty obvious what the goals of the KKK are. No in depth reporting needed there. Maybe it shouldn't be surprising, but I'm still irritated that a Senator could be so shallow.

Of course, I think that power doesn't corrupt strong people, power is just a draw for easily corruptible people. Maybe that's a thin distinction.


Anonymous said...

So what you are saying is that people can not change their views over their lifetimes? That any mistake made early in life should carry through for the rest of their life? Interesting perspective. The title of you blog is Appropriate!!!!

Khyle said...

That wasn't my point. Byrd joined up becuase he thought it would further his career. And to top it off, he tries to dismiss it be saying that he was seduced by a pro-American veneer. With the KKK, there is no veneer. It's obvious what their goals are.

The Macek Collective said...

Dear Stupid Motherfucker.

The great Senator Byrd is one who is respected on both sides as a true constitutionalist within the Senate, and not some of these shitbag Freshman-class motherfuckers who are all up in arms about burning flags and marrying fags. Jesus fuck. If you want hypocrisy, don't look to Byrd - the man is truly one of the last Senators that understands what the fuck the constitution is about, and not worrying about Tommy Chong and other bullshit. Do a fucking seance of former Dem/Republican Strom Thurmond or Tom Delay. It doesn't excuse him being an idiot in 43, but our current 43 idiot ain't exactly squeeky clean, either.

Khyle said...

In response to TMC:

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