Linky Updates

You should really be reading The Obituarium and Wil Wheaton (currently In Exile). Both are fine examples of great writing, and the kind of transparency that I truly admire. So if you're not reading them, check them out. I found both of them through the Poker Blogosphere, and there is a lot of poker content. But check them out even if you're not into Poker.

I added Bitter Lola (from "I think there may be something wrong with me"). I put her under the heading "Not Safe for MIL." Lola isn't really a timid writer. So I just wanted to do a favor for my reading public, mainly my mother in law, that Lola may not be for her.

She had a post about someone de-linking her because of a similar situation. Said delinker didn't want her family to read some of the semi(?)pornographic content. I can see that point. But I think she's interesting, so linked she is.

I moved Dad Gone Mad to "Amusing Pablum." He's a top notch writer. But smart-ass poopy stories only do so much for me. But he is a good writer, and I have a few things in common with him. And if you're looking for poopy stories, he's #1.

Also added was Latigo Flint. Anyone who starts most posts referring to himself in the 3rd person can't be all bad.


Mama Duck said...

Hey there- thanks for stopping by even if you did find me by searching for free peep shows, we all have our vices, no? (just kidding!)

I'm checking out some of the above links now, thanks!:)

Anonymous said...

I see you like to link to people who are morons. Does it make you feel better about yourself?

Khyle said...


Latigo Flint said...

Latigo Flint is only a moron some of the time.

Latigo Flint adores people who link to him.